Amir, reporting from Israel, shares breaking news about an explosion that occurred Monday morning at 6 AM at Megiddo Junction in northern Israel. The gag order that was in place has been lifted, allowing Amir to share the details.

A Lebanese terrorist, believed to be trained by Hezbollah, crossed the border into Israel and went to Megiddo Junction, a busy central junction on Route 65. He carried an explosive device that could have killed hundreds of people. However, the explosive detonated when the junction was empty, causing damage to a car on the other side of the road and injuring an Israeli Arab who was driving three lanes away.

The terrorist later escaped, wearing an explosive belt, and traveled back toward the Lebanese border. Israeli Special Forces waited for him, and when they saw that he was wearing an explosive belt, they shot and killed him on the spot. Hezbollah’s involvement is suspected, but no one is daring to say it aloud.

Amir questions how the terrorist crossed the border and whether he had help from Israeli Arabs. The Israeli Secret Service is investigating.