The Black Lives Matter & Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) groups expressed sympathy for the Palestinians despite an act of terror igniting the conflict that’s lasted nearly two weeks; BLM: We are a movement committed to ending settler colonialism in all forms…

Despite over 3,000 rockets, drones, and other projectiles being fired from Gaza into Israel over the last week and a half, Black Lives Matter has expressed its sympathy for the Palestinians in their conflict with the Jewish state. Regardless of the fact that the Jewish people are the most persecuted group of people in history, BLM took to Twitter saying:

“Black Lives Matter stands in solidarity with Palestinians. We are a movement committed to ending settler colonialism in all forms and will continue to advocate for Palestinian liberation. ( always have. And always will be ). #freepalestine.”

The tweet resulted in an additional response from the infamous Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement, which also voiced its support for the Palestinians, saying, “Thank you for your solidarity. From Ferguson to Palestine, our struggles against racism, white supremacy and for a just world are united!”

The conflict between Hamas in Gaza and the Jewish state began after the terrorist group fired multiple rockets at Jerusalem on May 10th. Tensions had already been on the rise between the Jewish community and the Arabs amid Ramadan, wherein the two communities were clashing daily, often including the police.

It was the initial act of violence out of Gaza that led to Israel’s Operation ‘Guardian of the Walls’, which consists of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) seeking to eradicate Hamas’ rocket-launching capabilities.