Though the administration remains intentional not to utilize the term ‘Abraham Accords’, it is reportedly continuing the Middle-East changing pursuit of the Trump administration – normalization between Israel and the Arab world.

According to Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, picking up where the Trump administration left off, Biden’s team is working diligently to pursue new relationships between Israel and the Arab world. Earlier this week, Ashkenazi is reported as saying that “They fully adopted the Abraham Accords and are eager to expand them. There is going to be someone appointed to be responsible for doing so.”

However, the words “fully adopted” may be a bit generous, as reports surfaced recently that Biden’s State Department was strongly discouraging use of the term ‘Abraham Accords’, choosing to utilize the term ‘normalization agreements’ instead.

Currently, the countries under speculation from Ashkenazi and the White House remain unknown, but one of the major countries that the previous administration had been working on was Saudi Arabia. There were others as well.

Under the Trump administration’s Abraham Accords, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco all elected to normalize their diplomatic ties with Israel, bringing a new era to the Middle East. These members of the Arab world not only saw the benefits to be had in partnering with Israel, but were also ready to turn the page from the constant Palestinian opposition to the progress of peace.