PM Benjamin Netanyahu likely to secure 60 seats in the third run-off election in Israel on Monday; He needs one more seat in order to form a government.

In their historic third election, Israeli voter turnout was 71%, breaking a long-held record from 1999. The initial exit polls declare PM Benjamin Netanyahu the winner, likely to obtain 60 of the needed 61 seats in order to form a government. The exit polls showed the Likud party winning 36-37 seats in comparison to the Blue & White’s 32.

Despite the strategically-timed indictments against him, Benjamin Netanyahu won by an even bigger margin than expected though officials expect numbers to be updated throughout the night. In Netanyahu’s favor, the Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) votes are still yet to be counted.

Though he’s still one seat short of the required 61, Netanyahu called the results “a huge victory for Israel.” The final numbers are expected on Tuesday morning at the earliest.