Lebanon’s capital city was struck by another explosion on Friday, resulting in the deaths of four people; Current reports suggest that it was a fuel tank that exploded.

The capital city and Hezbollah stronghold was struck by another explosion on Friday, resulting in multiple injuries and four deaths as of right now. Several people were trapped under debris from the building that is said to have been a bakery that caught fire, leading to the explosion of a fuel tank.

The explosion occurred in the Tariq al-Jadida neighborhood, which is located in the southern corridor of Beirut. Supposedly, a fire began in the basement of the bakery which eventually met up with a source of petrol, resulting in the explosion. Furthermore, the Lebanese government is reported to have been concerned of several locations in the city where people and buildings might be in violation of the law via safety regulations, and there were approximately 100 places of concern.

Governor Marwan Aboud stated, “We feared such an accident could happen. We have ordered some of them to close and required others to put in place procedures to protect the public.”

However, this is an area that is heavily influenced by the Iranian terror proxy, Hezbollah. Therefore, what role they may play in this is yet to be discovered. But one must not forget their role in the early-August explosion that killed over 200 people and injured well over 6,000.