TIME magazine released its list of the top 100 inventions for 2020, which included six Israeli products, one of which is the Beewise autonomous beehive.

Included in TIME’s top 100 list of inventions for 2020 are six different Israeli products from categories that range from agriculture to automotive, as well as medical and transportation. TIME compiles its final list after consulting editors and outside sources who evaluate criteria such as “originality, creativity, effectiveness, ambition and impact.” One of the companies to make the list is Beewise, an AI-run, solar-powered beehive that allows beekeepers to manage their hives from a distance in a manner like never before, which ultimately results in more consistent production.

Beewise has created what is an autonomous beehive that can be set up in the area of your choosing. A beekeeper can simply designate a space for the solar-powered BeeHome prior to it being populated with bees. Then, the robot that is installed within the BeeHome takes care of all routine tasks. Lastly, the system provides data on the bees, as well as the ability to manage the machine from a distance via smartphone or handheld device.

The robotics within the BeeHome account for so much more than just routine tasks. If the hive is somehow exposed to something harmful, the system deploys the necessary pesticides. With the Beewise BeeHome, not only are your hives monitored all hours of the day (up close or from a distance) and far more prone to survival, but the honey production rate can be expected to increase monumentally.

According to Beewise, several features of its system include:

1) Climate and Humidity Control
2) Pest Control
3) Autonomous Swarm Prevention
4) Automated Harvesting
5) Real-time Problem Alerts

Additionally, the product’s overall impact is three-fold:

1) Preserving More Bees
2) Increasing Production Yield
3) Improving Pollination

With bees currently being eliminated at a rate of approximately 40%, the Beewise beehive creates an environment where, according to Beewise CEO, Saar Safra, “Not only do bees not die, they thrive.” Accompanied by zero delivery fees, the Beewise BeeHome costs $15/month/hive. Each home offers 24 hives.

Earlier this year, Safra told Israel21c, “At first there’s skepticism, because it’s so left-field. The moment we show people the device and that it works there’s unbelievable excitement. There are beekeepers who are second, third or fourth generation. The beekeeper sees how his business is disappearing before his eyes, on his watch. Then you suddenly show him this technology, this solution, and he sees that it works. Imagine what a relief that is.”

Concerning the technology available today and its impact on his product, he said, “The idea that we’re saving bees using technology is an amazing thing. When you take AI and apply it to traditional industries that haven’t been touched in 150 years, the yield is incredible.”

Beewise believes they have “completely redesigned the beehive with today’s technology.”