A man from Bahrain has been sentenced to three years in prison after burning an Israeli flag during a riot in May of 2019; The Supreme Court of Appeals has denied the man’s appeal; He is facing many charges including rioting and more.

After his part in what the Supreme Court of Appeals in Bahrain is ruling as illegal, a Bahraini man has been sentenced to three years in prison. The man partook in a pro-Palestinian rally in May of 2019 where he was involved in burning an Israeli flag. He is facing charges of rioting and other illegal activities. The Supreme Court of Appeals refused to hear his appeal.

Not only did he burn an Israeli flag, but he and several others are also responsible for blocking streets and setting fires in the middle of the road. Reports indicate that multiple people from Bahrain are extremely angry about the court’s decision and are accusing their government of seeking to satisfy the Israeli government as the two countries are improving their diplomatic relations.

Bahrain is an island country located west of northern Qatar just off the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia.