Another Gulf state takes a step in warming its ties with the Jewish State; This follows a recent similar move by Saudi Arabia to allow flights between Israel and the UAE to enter its airspace.

After the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced its normalization of diplomatic ties with Israel, it didn’t take long for suspicion to grow regarding other countries following suit. Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia announced that flights between Israel and the UAE were welcome to use Saudi airspace. Now, Bahrain, another Gulf state, is mimicking Saudi Arabia and will also be allowing flights between Israel and the UAE to use its airspace.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a journey to the Middle East last week wherein he visited with several countries, one of which was Bahrain. In addition to Bahrain, he also visited Oman, the UAE, and Sudan. All of these stops have led to significant speculation regarding the future between Israel and other countries in the Middle East. Many are expecting several more countries to take steps towards a better relationship with Israel.

Is it possible that what we’re now seeing from Bahrain is a cautious baby step in that direction?