This is the second Gulf state to normalize its diplomatic ties with Israel.

As has been anticipated over the last several weeks, a second Gulf state has now announced it will be normalizing its ties with the Jewish State; the Kingdom of Bahrain. This follows the recent decisions of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kosovo.

While visiting the Middle East a couple of weeks ago, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made several stops, one of which was in Bahrain. In doing so, much speculation ensued regarding Israel’s future relationship with the Gulf country. Furthermore, Bahrain was one of the countries to applaud Israel’s new relationship with the UAE.

It’s almost as if several countries have been waiting for some time to better their relationships with Israel, but they’ve refrained from doing so out of fear regarding countries like Iran and Turkey. Following Bahrain’s announcement, it wasn’t long before the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) issued a threat of ‘revenge.’

As for which country is likely to follow suit next remains unknown, but at the rate things are going in the region, it’s likely not too far in the future.

Within 32 hours of the announcement, news surfaced that Israel and Morocco will now allow direct flights between their countries.