The eastern European country is set to open a diplomatic office in Jerusalem shortly, which is believed by Israel’s foreign minister to be a significant step towards the opening of an embassy.

Following the announcement from Azerbaijan concerning its plans to open a diplomatic center in Jerusalem in the near future, Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi praised the decision as an important step towards the eventual opening of an embassy in Israel’s capital city.

As reported by The Jerusalem Post, Ashkenazi stated, “Azerbaijan is an ally, friend and the largest energy supplier of the State of Israel. We will continue to work to develop important relations with Azerbaijan and expand them to new areas…”

Though an embassy is not yet a reality, even something as small as a diplomatic center as planned sends a strong message to both the Palestinians and Turks regarding Azerbaijan’s recognition of Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem.

Earlier in April, it was reported that an Azerbaijani official stated that the time has come for his country to open an embassy in Israel.