F-16’s belonging to the Turkish military has been spotted flying over Greek islands several times in recent days; Each time, the F-16’s were escorted out of the area by planes belonging to Greece; Tensions are continuing to grow over the EastMed (eastern Mediterranean) pipeline. US calls on Turkey to stop drilling in Cyprian waters.

There have been several instances in recent days when Turkish F-16’s have been spotted flying over Greek islands. Most recently they’ve flown over Agathonissi, Lipsi, Arkious, and Leros. The planes were spotted after entering the Athens Flight Information Region (FIR). Additionally, on a different occasion, they flew over Oinousses and Panaghia, as well as the area of Amorgos. Each time, the F-16’s were escorted out of the area courtesy of Greek fighter planes.

Tensions in the region, primarily on Turkey’s end, are continuing to rise after Turkey claimed authority over Cyprian waters (off the coast of Cyprus) and even forced an Israeli research ship out of the region. Not long after, Israel signed a three-way agreement with Cyprus and Greece to move forward with the EastMed (eastern Mediterranean) pipeline that will now allow Israel to supply natural gas directly to southern Europe, bypassing a hostile Turkey (pardon the pun). Make no mistake, while Turkey’s economy is being affected by this, Russia is also taking an economic hit and they won’t sit idly by.

To throw another twist in the scenario, the US State Department is now strongly calling on Turkey to stop drilling for oil in Cyprian waters.