Blue & White Currently has 33 seats while the Likud party has 32; Full percentage of ballots cast still yet to be counted; The amount of seats still doesn’t determine the winner of the election; Both Netanyahu & Gantz vow to form new government; Arab voters have strong impact on this year’s election; Netanyahu to cancel trip to United Nations in wake of pending results.

For what appears to be the first time in nine years, Prime Minister Netanyahu will not be addressing the world via the United Nations, as he has cancelled his trip due to the pending results of the Israeli election. He was scheduled to meet with President Trump on this trip.

As the election continues to come to an end, neither the Blue & White Party (Gantz) or the Likud Party (Netanyahu) have achieved the required majority of 61 seats, which would allow for them to form their necessary government(s). While the current tally, which is approximately 95% of all votes, remains in the slightest favor of the Blue & White Party, nothing is set in stone. Blue & White has acquired 33 seats while the Likud party currently holds on to 32 seats, but this doesn’t determine the winner. If neither are able to form a majority in the Knesset, Israel may very well be on their way to a historic third election.

This brings us to where we are now in the process. PM Netanyahu had to cancel his trip to the UN due to the uncertainty of his reelection. The Foreign Minister will be going in his place. As of now, both Gantz and Netanyahu are in the negotiation phase with the smaller parties who took a significant amount of seats away from the both of them. Netanyahu has said he’s willing to work with the smaller parties with the agreement that he will form the government.

A significant difference maker in this election was the Arab vote. The Arabs and most of the other parties, including the Blue & White, share at least one thing in common-the overthrow of a nationalistic party, or in this case, the Likud (Netanyahu) Party. Nationalism is only being frowned on more and more in this world that is placing its hope in a false, dare I say, impossible peace. Netanyahu, like Trump, understands the concept of peace through strength.

The intense sequence of events in this election come at a time when President Trump has announced further sanctions on Iran. Additionally, the three leaders of the Ezekiel 38 coalition (Russia, Iran, Turkey) are continuing to strengthen their alliance. It can’t be stressed enough as to how critical it is that Israel have a strong leader in these times.

Will the Lord perhaps grant Netanyahu another term, or is a potential change in leadership further setting the stage for the Ezekiel prophecy to take its course?