Erdogan’s regime is ramping up its involvement in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, which is likely to escalate following the downing of an Armenian jet by Turkey on Tuesday.

Tuesday – Reports reveal that a Turkish F-16 shot down an Armenian Sukhoi Su-25 fighter jet resulting in the death of the Armenian pilot. Turkey has backed Azerbaijan for some time, and it’s reported that the F-16 departed from Azerbaijan’s Ganja Airbase Tuesday morning. Additionally, the Turkish jet carried out strikes on Armenian Armed Forces in regions close the border of the two countries.

Following the event, both Turkey and Azerbaijan denied that it ever took place, though, it’s a difficult event to hide. Turkish fighter jets had been spotted in the region in recent weeks.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have been engaged in military opposition – and recently, more military conflict – for several years. Within the last 72 hours, the two have exchanged fire in a highly-contested region along their border, resulting in the deaths of dozens of people; civilians and soldiers.