Discovery of wine press with mosaic Greek inscription made in center of Israel; Inscription reads “Only God help the beautiful property of Master Adios, Amen.”

Israeli archeologists recently discovered an ancient Samaritan estate in the southern Sharon Plain.

Archeologists this week unveiled an ancient wine press at the site with a Greek inscription reading “Only God help the beautiful property of Master Adios, Amen.” in mosaic. The discovery was made close to the Tzur Natan Samaritan synagogue and archeologists believe the estate belonged to an established Samaritan. The 1,600-year-old discovery was made by accident ahead of construction of a new neighborhood, a common occurrence in Israel.

According to the director of the excavation, Dr. Hagit Torg from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the discovery is the “second such winepress discovered in Israel with a blessing inscription associated with the Samaritans. The first was discovered a few years ago in Apollonia near Herzliya.” She explained that “Master Adios” and another inscription from the nearby ancient synagogue, which was turned into a church in the 6th century, suggests the Samaritan’s “high status” and leadership of the community that settled there.

The site includes a mikveh, or ritual bath, agricultural infrastructure and quarries. Archeologists believe these were part of the wealthy Samaritan’s inheritance.

Photo: Dan Shachar/