Hate speech and phrases of antisemitism passed around in Whitefish, Montana, over Rosh Hashanah; Fliers also surfaced in the state capital, Helena; Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin started a campaign against Jews in Whitefish, Montana, in 2016, endangering many people; Rivas: there is a recorded rise and mainstreaming of antisemitism in the United States.

Over the celebration period of Rosh Hashanah for the Jews (the Feast of Trumpets), Antisemitism reared its ugly head around the world. There were neo-Nazi rallies throughout Europe and even the United States. Though the percentage of people who partake in such senseless evil is minimal, there’s no question that it’s on the rise.

In Whitefish, Montana, fliers and propaganda were being spread around the city, with similar fliers surfacing in the state capital of Helena. Sadly, there is a history here. In 2016, neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin initiated a campaign against Jews, releasing a storehouse of information regarding their home addresses, business information, phone numbers, and names. There are only a few dozen Jewish people living in Whitefish, and it goes without saying that this stunt endangered their livelihoods. Even a child fell victim to harassment due to this act of evil.

Montana Human Rights Network Representative Rachel Carroll Rivas addressed the scenario, stating, “The hate literature was not only offensive in relation to the Jewish holiday, but it is concerning as there is a recorded rise and mainstreaming of antisemitism in the United States, including the troll storm perpetrated from outside the community onto the Jewish people of Whitefish just two and a half years ago.”

As much as we’d hope for this to be an isolated case, it’s not. Even more concerning, those involved are continuing to remove the veil.