Two separate incidents occurred at two different universities within two days of each other; George Washington University (Washington D.C.) and Stanford University (California) both have open investigations into what has transpired; These events follow the Trump Administration’s executive order to combat antisemitism in the US.

Following the Trump Administration’s executive order on December 11, 2019, to combat antisemitism on US college campuses, at least two prominent campuses in the US have each experienced antisemitic hate crimes. In December, the Trump Administration warned colleges across America that if they should continue to tolerate antisemitic acts or an attitude of hate for the Jewish people, federal funding could be withheld.

Within two days of each other, both George Washington University and Stanford University had crimes take place. At GWU, a Jewish student’s property outside of his dorm was vandalized with swastikas and other drawings. At Stanford, a dead rat was placed on the Star of David symbol on a bench, bringing to mind how commercials and propaganda in Germany leading up to the holocaust would associate Jews with rats that needed to be exterminated.

Zev Siegfeld, the victim of what took place at GWU stated, “As a proud and vocal Jew, I know this was not a coincidence. This was another attempt to stop me from expressing my views publicly, and another attempt to intimidate me into being quiet.” The on-campus group that combats antisemitism released a statement saying that “This display of hate and ignorance is blatantly anti-Semitic and has deeply affected our Jewish community. By desecrating a student’s personal property within a GW residence hall, the attacker(s) continue a pattern of anti-Semitism on our campus, which instills fear and pain in Jewish students.” This on-campus group was created in November after someone on campus praised the idea of bombing the Jewish State.

In response to what took place at Stanford, the Jewish Student Association Board released a statement that said, “We are horrified to see what appears to be another act of hatred on our campus, fitting within a broader pattern of instances that have threatened racial, ethnic, and religious minority communities this year. It is imperative that Stanford take meaningful steps to prioritize the safety of the Jewish community, alongside all those who are targeted by hatred and bigotry.”

As of December, there hasn’t been any validation that the White House has specifically withdrawn federal funding from a specific school. Police investigations are ongoing at both GWU and Stanford.