With the economy continuing to tank amid US sanctions and the coronavirus, protests have resumed throughout the Islamic Republic; Iran, as they’ve done before, shut down the internet in several regions of the country.

Similar to the protests that took place around the turn of the year, more demonstrations are taking place throughout the Islamic Republic of Iran. Protests are resuming amid Iran’s crumbling economy, largely due to US sanctions and the current pandemic of COVID-19. Aside from the sanctions, the rial reached its lowest value ever in comparison to the dollar at the end of June.

Ultimately, the protestors are speaking out against the corrupt regime that has been oppressing the people for some time. Even in the midst of the current world circumstances, the regime’s primary focus has been moving weapons to their proxies throughout the Middle East, regardless of how much their own people are suffering.

The protests that took place in Behbahan and other cities were met with a significant response from Iranian security forces. Additionally, as the regime has done before, they shut down the internet in different regions of the country to prevent people from communicating with each other and the outside world.

One demonstrator is reported as saying, “People are angry. The economy is so bad that we cannot survive.”

Interestingly enough, these protests are almost an exact replication of those that have happened in Lebanon – where Iran’s terror proxy, Hezbollah, is heavily involved in the government. The regime, as clearly observed, brings oppression with it everywhere it goes. And like the people of Iran, the Lebanese people are crying out against it.

It’s estimated that nearly 75% of the Lebanese population is in need of some sort of aid.