Nearly a dozen rockets were fired at a military base hosting US personnel; One casualty is reported, and the attack itself is likely to be met with a military response from the US; This is the fourth rocket attack in the country targeting US military interests in the last two weeks.

A US contractor died at a military base in Iraq on Wednesday after an attack was carried out that included 10 rockets being fired. The rockets were fired at the Ain al-Asad military base located in the Anbar province west of the capital city, Baghdad. While the source of the attack remains unknown at this time, speculation is that more Iranian-sponsored militias were involved. Should this be true, it would make Wednesday’s attack the fourth in the last two weeks.

The contractor who was killed reportedly died from cardiac-related problems while sheltering in place. In addition to US forces, there are also European soldiers at the base.

Those responsible for firing the rockets at the base did so from approximately five miles away to the northeast. This was discovered after a military truck was found burning in a post-launch state. The rockets used in the strike were of the short-range classification and manufactured in Iran.

US President Joe Biden’s press team referenced last week’s retaliatory strike as a potential forerunner for what could be coming in the near future in response to Wednesday’s attack on the al-Asad base. The US strike last week resulted in the death of one Iranian-sponsored fighter.