Fourth attack on Iranian-backed militia within a month; Suspicion is that Israel is behind the attack; Officials deny that there are any casualties between the two attacks; Strikes took place near Baghdad and in western Iraq.

Reports came in Sunday that airstrikes were carried out in two different locations inside of Iraq. While the aircrafts were “unidentified”, the heavy suspicion is that Israel is responsible-and they’re likely correct. Netanyahu has repeatedly made known his agenda to defend the state of Israel at all costs from the regime of terror being dispensed by Iran.

A source has stated, “An unidentified aircraft targeted the area surrounding a military base next to the al-Murssinat military airport in the western part of the al-Anbar province.”

Iran not only has their hand in Syria, Gaza, Lebanon, and Yemen, but they’re becoming more and more entrenched inside of Iraq as of recent time; hence, all of the recent airstrikes.

While there are no reported deaths in these attacks, the strike earlier this week wasn’t as kind, killing 5 and wounding 9 more.