An airstrike coming from an unknown source led to at least 35 deaths on Saturday; The attack took place in the Deir ez-Zor region of eastern Syria; Those killed were Iranian-backed militias, including two high-ranking commanders.

After a series of airstrikes were carried out on Saturday in the Deir ez-Zor region of eastern Syria, a minimum of 35 Iranian-sponsored militias were killed, including two high-ranking commanders. The source of the aircraft(s) is still unknown at this time. However, there’s a strong possibility that Israel was involved.

The attack took place near the border crossing town of al-Bukamal, Syria. This location has seen many Israeli strikes on Iranian interests and is a key border-crossing town from Iraq into Syria.

Prior to Saturday’s attack, the last reported airstrike in the region came at the beginning of July. However, this location has experienced attacks on a frequent basis in the last six months.

Israel’s leaders have long-warned the Iranian regime that they wouldn’t sit idly by to watch Tehran spread their terror regime throughout the Middle East in an attempt to surround the Jewish State. From strikes throughout the region to the current cyberwar between Israel and Iran, the world is watching Israel take a much more offensive approach – just as they warned.