Reports suggest that Israel’s Head of Mossad believes an announcement of the normalization of ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia is very close; It’s believed that it will come to fruition after the US election next week.

According to Israel’s head of Mossad, Yossi Cohen, Israel and Saudi Arabia are very close to signing an agreement to normalize their diplomatic ties, likely following the upcoming US election. Once again, this agreement will be brokered by the current US administration.

Like the other agreements that have taken place between Israel and the Gulf States, there will likely be incentives coming from the United States. In this case, military arms are said to be involved.

However, despite Saudi Arabia being on the horizon as the major Gulf State to sign an agreement with Israel, officials believe the smaller country of Oman will likely proceed them. Following the Israeli-Sudanese agreement last week, US President Trump stated that there are at least five more Arab countries who want to follow the same pattern, Oman and Saudi Arabia being two of them.

Though Saudi Arabia is yet to officially sign a deal with the Jewish State, the two countries have been cooperating for some time in various ways, especially militarily.