After facing initial opposition from far-left House Democrats, Republicans gained support for sending aid to the Jewish State for its Iron Dome; The bill passed by a large majority in the House on Thursday.

The US House of Representatives formally passed a bill on Thursday paving the way for the US government to send another $1 billion in aid to Israel to apply towards its Iron Dome missile defense system. The bill was initially opposed by a number of House representatives, but after pressure from the Republicans, the House almost unanimously passed the funding (420-9).

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, following the passing of the funding, stated, “The funding being appropriated today simply continues and strengthens this support. Passage of this bill reflects the great unity, in Congress on a bipartisan and bicameral basis, for Israel. Security assistance to Israel is vital, because Israel’s security is an imperative for America’s.”

Failing to recognize the context of Israeli strikes in Gaza, which are always retaliatory, Michigan Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib sided with the Palestinians, saying, “We should also be talking about Palestinians’ need for security from Israeli attacks.”

Republicans from the house also used the initial opposition to emphasize the growing antisemitism within the ranks of the Democrat party. South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson said, “The Democratic Party has come under an extraordinary, bizarre influence of a group of anti-semites who also hate the state of Israel.”

Iron Dome is without a doubt the Jewish State’s primary defense system, boasting a 95% success rate in intercepting enemy projectiles.