Bolivia is renewing its diplomatic relations with Israel after President Evo Morales steps down; Brazilian Leadership was involved in encouraging this decision; Israeli FM Katz: This will strengthen Israel’s foreign relations and its position around the world.

After nearly a decade of international tensions, Bolivia & Israel are now in the process of renewing their diplomatic relationship. In 2009, Israel conducted Operation Cast Lead, where they went after terrorist forces inside the Gaza Strip. With the administration in Bolivia already being hostile toward Israel, it was around this time that Bolivia distanced itself from the Jewish state.

Recognizing the serious economic consequences that came with former President Morales’ decision to cut ties with Israel, it was Bolivian Foreign Minister Karen Longaric who made the announcement, stating, “We are going to restore relations with Israel. She would additionally add that it is “out of respect for the sovereignty of the state, cordiality and that relations could lead to positive aspects for both sides and contribute to Bolivian tourism.”

Reports indicate that Brazilian leadership also played a role in encouraging Bolivia to begin the renewal process of its relationship with Israel. Without hesitation, Israel’s Minister of Foreign Relations, Israel Katz, praised this decision, stating, “This will strengthen Israel’s foreign relations and it’s position around the world. The Foreign Ministry has been long working directly with the Bolivian administration to promote the renewal of relations and also with the help of the Brazilian president and Foreign Minister, with whom I have recently spoken on the issue at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.”