Two individuals that entered the country approximately six years ago are believed to be connected to an Iranian terror plot; Though initially posing as Afghani refugees, their identifications have been revealed to be fake.

An initial report surfaced late this week by The Jerusalem Post, explaining how two alleged Iranian agents posed as Afghani refugees in 2015 upon entering Sweden. According to the report, the Swedish Security Service recently confirmed that the two individuals, one male and one female, potentially entered the country as a “terrorism sleeper cell”.

Hans Ihrman, the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Swedish National Security Unit, stated that not only are their identifications fake, but the two are actually about a decade older than their IDs claim, putting them in their mid-30s.

The two, Salma K. & Fouad M. – who were not Afghani nationals – were reportedly seeking an occasion for terror against Iranian people living in Sweden speaking out in opposition to the Iranian regime.

Furthermore, Kambiz Ghafouri, a journalist from IranWire, reported earlier in the week that “A well-positioned Swedish source told me all the evidence points to their connection to the security agencies of the Islamic Republic. For now, at least, it is strongly suspected that their real nationality is Iranian.” The two also are said to have Iranian accents.

As it stands, the charges against the two supposed Iranians are “conspiracy to commit a criminal terrorist act” and fabrication of identification. Iran remains the world’s number one sponsor of terror.