Jeff Cuozzo


Uk & Europe Coordinator

Jeff joined the Behold Israel team part time as the UK & Europe Coordinator in January 2020. He is located in Bath, England. Jeff is involved in organizing ministry outreach and events across the UK and Europe. He is also the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Bath and has been running an Israeli Young Adult Believers Discipleship ministry called Tikvah. For Behold Israel, Jeff now leads the Young Adults Discipleship (YAD) ministry.

Jeff graduated from the University of Virginia with a Communications degree and then attended Calvary Chapel Bible College where he received a Bachelor in Biblical Studies. At Bible College, Jeff sensed God’s call to teach the Bible. Jeff has been a Pastor now for twenty-one years. In that time, he has directed a Bible College, planted and pastored three churches in the UK and the US, and worked for Joel Rosenberg and the Joshua Fund ministry in Israel for five years. Jeff has a huge heart for people to understand the truth of God’s Word and the significance of Bible prophecy.

Jeff is married with six children. He and his wife have three biological children and three adopted children from China and Uganda.

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