H.T. Novak

H.T. Novak

Chief Financial Officer

H.T. is the Chief Financial Officer and handles all of the financial and legal matters for Behold Israel. He is one of the founding Board of Director members for BI in the U.S. and Canada. He has a degree in accounting and has been in the construction industry in either accounting, sales, or general management for 53 years. H.T. has had a love for the Jewish people since he was 9 years old (a long story) and went to Israel with his wife, Tara, and his church for the first time in 1999. On the second trip to Israel in 2006, they met Amir and the “story” began.

After meeting Amir that first time and hearing his desire and passion to help as many people as possible to “Behold Israel” and understand God’s plan for the people, the nation, and Israel’s place in prophecy, H.T. and Tara desired to help him achieve that goal. Leading Bible studies, teaching the Bible, and being an elder and chairman of the elder board of his church helped prepare H.T. for the journey that was to come with Behold Israel.

God has blessed H.T. and Tara with two amazing sons, two awesome daughters-in-law, and five unbelievable grandchildren – all who know and serve the Lord and live close by in Colorado.

H.T. loves serving God and prays he will be able to do so until He comes to get us or takes us to be with Him.