Should Joe Biden become the president-elect of the United States, the Palestinian leader will demand that his administration move the US embassy back to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem.

With the possibility of a Biden administration controlling the White House in January, several leaders in the Middle East are hoping for a reshaping of policies concerning the United States. And this isn’t because current policy is bad, but because the Trump administration has been adamant in its support for Israel and committed to its ‘maximum pressure’ campaign towards Iran.

The Iranians have already voiced their hope for Biden should he become president-elect, that he would undo what President Trump and his administration have done over the last few years, largely speaking of the economic effects of US sanctions. They’ve actually gone as far as demanding compensation.

In addition to such demands, the leader of the Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas, is seeming to make it his first priority to have the US embassy moved back to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, if a Biden administration becomes a reality. In fact, he would also urge them to rescind the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Trump administration moved the embassy to Jerusalem in 2018.

All of this would be the initial step to renewing a diplomatic agreement with the US. And according to several reports, Abbas has already been communicating with Biden behind the scenes, voicing his willingness to resume peace talks where they left off under the Obama administration.