The House Democrats called on the president to overturn pro-Israel policies that were implemented under the previous administration, involving the ‘Deal of the Century’, as well as the West Bank.

Citing “longstanding, bipartisan United States policy”, 73 House Democrats signed a letter to President Joe Biden this week demanding that he reverse several Pro-Israel policies put forth by the Trump administration. The letter targeted President Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’, a two-state solution offering the Palestinian people a new start and many benefits to Israel.

Additionally, the House Democrats demanded that the president refer to Israeli settlements in the West Bank as illegal according to international law. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo repeatedly showed it to be a false claim. Furthermore, they urged that the settlements be classified as “occupied” in official US documents.

Missing from the criticism is the groundbreaking Abraham Accords that the Trump administration initiated and fulfilled, bringing diplomatic normalization between Israel and four countries from the Arab world, including the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan.

Recently, the Biden State Department discouraged its employees from utilizing the term “Abraham Accords”, suggesting that they refer to the new relationships between Israel and other Arab countries as “normalization agreements”.