The large earthquake is the second to occur in the area in under a month; Reports indicate that it could be felt in Egypt and Turkey; A smaller earthquake took place not long after close to the island of Karpathos.

The Mediterranean region was met with a pair of earthquakes on Tuesday close to Greece, with the larger of the two rattling the island of Crete. The 6.3 quake struck at about 12:24 PM local time and would be followed by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake northwest of the island of Karpathos just minutes later. Tuesday’s earthquakes marked the second time the region has been struck in less than one month.

According to reports, the 6.3 magnitude earthquake occurred rather central in the Mediterranean Sea, approximately 14 miles east of Zakros, Crete. Over two weeks ago, a man was killed, and others were injured after a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck the small Mediterranean island.

Following Tuesday’s set of earthquakes, there were reports that it could be felt as far away as Cairo, Egypt, and Istanbul, Turkey.