26 countries are reported to have at least one case of the coronavirus as of now; Thailand experienced 7 new cases on Saturday; There is speculation that the actual numbers of deaths, especially in China, is being highly underreported; Chinese source claims that bodies are being cremated at an unprecedented rate.

As of Friday, reports indicate that a minimum of 720 people have died in China alone from the coronavirus. A couple of sources believe that number is actually much higher – well into the thousands. Thus far, from what is known, 26 different countries have open cases with China being the leader with over 34,000. The city of Wuhan itself is on lockdown, a city of over 11 million people.

There are several countries around the globe that only have a single case of the virus so far such as Belgium, Cambodia, Finland, and others. Some have less than 10; Canada, France, India, Italy, and more. As you would expect, it’s China and their neighbors who are facing the biggest struggle. On Saturday alone, Thailand received 7 new cases. While the Philippines also have less than 10 cases so far, they recorded the first death outside of China related to the virus.

Of even further concern is the fact that several different sources are claiming confirmation that China is cremating bodies at an unprecedented rate in an attempt to conceal the true death count. A crematorium employee is quoted as saying, “We need to pick up bodies when they call us. Every day, we need at least 100 body bags. We can’t stop because we can’t leave the bodies outside for a long time.” China is continuing to turn multiple local business buildings into temporary hospitals in addition to the hospital(s) they’ve built in order to treat those infected.