Though statistics indicate that the number of Jewish people to make aliyah in 2021 will not reach the total achieved two years ago, there remains great excitement regarding the progress thus far.

In comparison to the matching time frame from 2020, Israel has seen a 31% increase concerning Jews making aliyah from around the world. Aliyah, or “going up”, refers to Jews abroad making immigration to their national homeland, the Jewish State. At this point in time last year, just under 16,000 Jews had made aliyah. As of now, there are just over 20,000 who have immigrated this year.

According to a report by The Jerusalem Post, nearly 27,000 people are expected make aliyah in 2021 should cases continue at the same rate. Russia and the United States make up the majority of this year’s cases, but Jews have gone up from a host of European and South American countries as well.

2019 saw close to 34,000 Jewish immigrants come to the Land – a number that is not likely to be reached this year. However, despite the presence of COVID-19, a multitude of Jews continue to go to their Divinely-appointed land.