Wave of terror continues in West Bank; Two IDF soldiers killed in shooting attack; IDF thwarted ramming attack; PM announces stringent response to West Bank terror; Netanyahu: Our guiding principle is that whoever attacks us and whoever tries to attack us – will pay with his life. Our enemies know this and we will find them.


Two IDF soldiers were killed and a soldier and civilians injured in a shooting attack north of Jerusalem in the West Bank Thursday.

A Palestinian terrorist carried out a shooting attack at a Givat Assaf bus stop on Thursday morning targeting soldiers and civilians. The IDF confirmed the deaths of Sergeant Yuval Mor Yosef, 20, and Corporal Yosef Cohen, 19, stating “Two IDF soldiers were killed and another soldier was severely injured in the shooting attack that occurred this morning north of Jerusalem. The IDF extends its heartfelt condolences to the soldiers’ families and will continue to support them. May their memories be a blessing.”

The IDF is searching for the terrorist who escaped, reporting it will continue with its “counter-terrorism activities… We are searching for the terrorist. We will find him.” Security officials reported the terror attack at Givat Assaf was likely carried out by a Hamas cell in the West Bank.

Shortly after the attack Thursday morning, IDF forces thwarted an attempted car ramming attack also in the West Bank, north of Jerusalem. It confirmed “A Palestinian attempted to carry out a ramming attack at a bus stop in Al-Bireh, north of Jerusalem, lightly injuring a soldier. The terrorist was neutralized. The IDF has a duty to protect Israeli civilians and that is exactly what we will do.”

The IDF and Israeli Police deployed additional forces to the West Bank given the rise in terror attacks this week. IDF Spokesman Brig. ‎Gen. Ronen Manelis reported Thursday “Given the tensions on the ground, the IDF has ‎bolstered its deployment across Judea and Samaria ‎and has surrounded Ramallah.”

A Hamas spokesman praised the terror attacks, claiming it was a response to the “Zionist occupation’s crimes and behavior in the occupied West Bank.” He stated Thursday “Hamas praises the numerous resistance attacks as well as the citizens of the occupied West Bank and the revolutionary youth.”

The wave of violence in the West Bank broke out on Sunday when Palestinian terrorists carried out a drive by shooting at a bus stop in the settlement of Ofra in Samaria. Seven were injured, including a 7-month pregnant woman. Her newborn was delivered prematurely due to her wounds and was pronounced dead on Wednesday. He was named Amiad Israel and was buried in Jerusalem’s Mt. of Olives cemetery.

The IDF carried out extended operations and raids in search of the terrorists in surrounding West Bank town and Ramallah. During its raids, the IDF confirmed it ended its two-month manhunt for a Palestinian terrorist who killed two of his coworkers at an Israeli factory. Ashraf Na’alowa shot and killed Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi in October, the IDF searching for him since the attack.

It confirmed on Thursday “After a long pursuit, the IDF and other security forces carried out an overnight operation to arrest the terrorists responsible for the shooting attacks in Barkan and Ofra that killed three Israelis. The terrorists were killed in the operation. Terror has a price and terrorists must pay.”   

Prime Minister Netanyahu praised the security forces stating, “I commend the ISA [Israel Security Authority], IDF and the special anti-terror units of the Israel Police for their impressive actions which led to the location and elimination of the abhorrent terrorist.”

Netanyahu held extended meetings with security officials and announced stringent measures to respond to the wave of terror. Some of the measures he announced on Thursday were the demolition of terrorist’s homes to be expedited to 48 hours, increased detention of Hamas activists in the West Bank, approved settlement construction in Ofra and the IDF to seal off al-Bireh.

On Thursday’s wave of violence, Netanyahu stated “Last night we settled accounts with the murderers from the terrorist attacks in the Barkan Industrial Zone and Ofra and today we suffered a harsh attack in which two soldiers were killed. We will settle accounts with whoever did this. Our guiding principle is that whoever attacks us and whoever tries to attack us – will pay with his life. Our enemies know this and we will find them.”



Photo: Max Zavelsky/Shutterstock.com