Testimonials | Behold Israel


Dana from West Palm Beach

“My experience in Israel was life changing. I went as a wounded, burnout servant of God.  Amir saw my emptiness; with compassion he encouragedme through daily teachings. I returned home with renewed strength to continue in ministry. When you’re with Amir, you’re not just on a tour; you are on a spiritual journey where Jesus walked.” 

Dana-West Palm Beach, Florida

Flo from San Antonio

“From the moment I arrived in Israel, I felt total peace. “It is Well with My Soul” to think all it took was setting foot in the Holy Lands. Through Amir’s teachings, I fell deeper in love with Jesus and Israel day-by-day and everyday since. I plan to return often.” 

Flo (in her 80’s) – San Antonio, Texas

Miriam from Lancaster

“Something happened when I looked upon the City of Jerusalem for the very first time from the Mount of Olives. There was an unexplainable feeling “I was home.” I still well up in tears when sharing this experience with others.” Miriam – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Bob from Dayton

" I was not prepared for the feelings and awe I experienced many times over during this adventure. I was blown away. To actually sit where Jesus taught His disciples, to cross the Sea of Galilee in a fishing boat, to pray in the land of the Patriarchs… it was all so overwhelming." 
Bob – Dayton, Ohio

Chris from Dayton

"My trip to Israel really brought the scriptures to life! I will never be the same! I was able to share this experience with Brantley, my 15-year-old son. He was radically impacted by his visit. He now has a huge Israel flag hanging in his bedroom." Chris – Dayton, Ohio