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US Senate bill allows Congress to review Iran nuclear deal

Senate votes in favor of bill which would allow Congress to review Iran deal, bill to go to House next week; Iranian President claims Iran to “cooperate” with world powers


The United States Senate voted 98-1 in favor on a bipartisan bill that could allow Congress to review any final deal made with Iran. The legislation could even reject a deal between world powers and Iran.

Speaker of the House, Speaker John Boehner stated that the goal of the bill is to “clear-armed Iran, set off a regional nuclear arms race, and strengthen and legitimize the government of Iran.”

Senator Tom Cotton voted against, the senator a strong opponent of any agreement between the West and Iran.

The bill will go to the House next week, as nuclear negotiations between world powers and Iran will resume in Geneva next week, a final deadline for a final deal set for the end of June.

The bill would allow Congress a 52 day review period of any final agreement made with Iran and world powers, while allowing and requiring for regular reports from President Obama on the progress of the implementation on alterations on Iran’s nuclear program as required for the ending of sanctions.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani stated on Friday that Iran would remain committed to an international deal with world powers on its nuclear program, stating “Some think that we should either fight … or we should surrender to other powers. However, we believe none of that. There is a third path. We can cooperate with the world.”