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Two killed in terror attack in Old City Jerusalem

IDF & Israeli Border Police on high alert following stabbing in Jerusalem Saturday night


Two Israelis, Aaron Bennet, 22, and Nehemia Levi, 41, were stabbed and killed in a terror attack in the Old City Jerusalem Saturday evening. Bennet’s wife and baby were also injured in the attack.

The terrorist was shot and killed by Israeli Border Police who were notified by Bennet’s wife.

Following the attack, Bennet and Levi were rushed to a hospital, succumbing to their wounds.

The IDF and Israeli Police are on high alert following Saturday’s terror attack and a terror attack on Thursday evening near the settlement of Itamar, where parents Eitam and Na’ama Henkin were shot and killed while driving with their four children. An ongoing investigation and search with over eights arrests have been made in search of the culprits.

On Sunday morning the IDF in cooperation with the Israeli Police began restricting access to the Old City.