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Two Israeli strikes in Syria and Lebanon reported

Two separate strikes reported in Syria and Lebanon; Reports claim 5 killed; Israeli media reports strike as targeting of terrorist Samir Kuntar


Syria has accused Israel of two separate attacks in Syria and Lebanon on Wednesday evening.

According to the reports from Syria, Israeli airstrikes in the Golan Heights region in Syria killed five militants of the Syrian National Defense Committee. Israeli media reported that the airstrike was targeting terrorist Samir Kuntar.

Kuntar was incarcerated for 29 years in Israel after killing four Israelis in 1979 in a terrorist attack. One of the victims was a 4-year old, Einat Haran. He was released in 2008 in a prison exchange with Hezbollah and was involved in several plans to attack IDF soldiers since.

According to the reports, three of the men killed were members of a Druze militia and two members of Hezbollah.

Director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated following the attack that, “An Israeli plane hit a car inside the town of Hader, killing two men from Hezbollah, and three men from the pro-regime popular committees in the town.”

The second attack was reportedly conducted by a drone attack on a weapons storage warehouse in Lebanon close to Quneitra.

A Syrian army official reported to Syrian media that, “As part of its support of terror organizations, an Israeli aircraft attacked a civilian vehicle near the village of Hader at the outskirts of Quneitra at 10:45am. As a result, three civilians from the village were killed. In addition, enemy planes attacked one of the bases of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on the border between Syria and Lebanon at 3:15pm. As a result, six militants were wounded in different levels of severity.”