Terror Act Bill passes first reading in Knesset Thursday | Behold Israel

Terror Act Bill passes first reading in Knesset Thursday

Bill to be passes to Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee; Bill presses for larger sentences for terrorists and supporters of terrorism


The Knesset

The proposed “Terror Act” bill passed the first reading in Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset with 45 MK’s voting for and 41 against.

The bill calls for alterations in Israeli laws and would allow for convicted terrorists to serve up to 30 years in jails. The bill pushes to legalize more administrative detentions centers as well as a maximum 3-year incarceration for terrorism supporters, all in efforts to lower the terror and support of terror in Israel and the West Bank.

Originally drafted by former Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and then submitted by Shaked, the bill has support from the right and moderate parties, but not from the left and Arab parties.

Justice Minister and MK of “The Jewish Home”, Ayelet Shaked, introduced the legislation to the Knesset. She stated that the bill is “to give law enforcement authorities the many tools they need to efficiently fight terror organizations, their expanding activity, and the means of funding that enable such activity. We believe that passing the Terror Act, in its current version, is a necessary and vital step to advance the fight against terror.”

Following the reading, the bill will be passed to the government’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee.