Syrian Army reported Israeli airstrikes on Damascus airport early Friday | Behold Israel

Syrian Army reported Israeli airstrikes on Damascus airport early Friday

Reports of IAF airstrikes on military airport early Friday; Syrian Army threatens to “amputate the arms of the perpetrators”


The Syrian Army reported that the IDF carried out airstrikes on a military airport west of Damascus on early Friday morning.

According to reports, one Syrian officer was killed and several wounded following an Israeli airstrikes on the airport.

The Syrian Army Command responded briefly to the reports, warning Israel against “flagrant attacks”, releasing the statement “The Syrian army command and armed forces warn the Israeli enemy of the repercussions of this blatant attack and stresses it will continue its war on terrorism,” warning that it would “amputate the arms of the perpetrators”.

As with majority of covert operations carried out by Israel, reports of the airstrikes were not denied or confirmed and no comment given.

Israel last carried out airstrikes in Syria in December, thwarting an attempted transfer of chemical weapons to Hezbollah. In a rare confirmation of the attacks, Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman confirmed to EU delegates then visiting in Israel that Israel did carry out the airstrikes to prevent the transfer of chemical weapons.

He stated in December “Israel has no interest in intervening in the civil war in Syria. Our policies and positions are very clear, and they are based on three red lines: We will not allow any harm to come to the Israeli public; we will not allow anyone to undermine Israel’s sovereignty; and we will not allow the smuggling of sophisticated weapons or chemical weapons from Syria to Lebanon and to Hezbollah. One very important thing that everyone has to understand, is that Israel makes its own decisions, freely, within the scope of the policy, and there are no other limitations or circumstances to consider.”

Israel has been clear that it will not interfere in the Syrian war, but will take all measures necessary to protect its borders and prevent terror on the State of Israel.