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Syria reports Israeli strikes in Damascus

Two missiles reportedly target Iranian cargo plane, likely arms transfer to Hezbollah; Assad regime claims it downed Israeli missiles with air defense systems.

Airstrikes in Syria


Syrian media reported Israeli airstrikes near Damascus International Airport overnight.

Reports claim that two Israeli missiles were fired at an Iranian cargo plane that was being unloaded at the airport, likely thwarting a weapons shipment to Hezbollah.

As with most Israel Air Force strikes in Syria, Assad’s regime claimed its missile defense system downed an Israeli missile. It also reported that its air defense system downed an Israeli drone prior to the strike.

As with majority of IDF covert operations in Syria and Lebanon, the IDF did not respond to reports.

Amir will address these developments and much more during his LIVE Middle East Current Events Update on Tuesday. He will talk about the Biblical significance of the election results in Turkey and of the soon-to-be-unveiled peace plan of President Trump for the Middle East and the role of Saudi Arabia in it. Tune in on Tuesday at 10:00 pm (Israel time).



Photo: Israeli jets, Wikimedia, 2018.