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Sudanese army reportedly intercepts Israeli drone following strike

Sudanese army and Arab media claim Israeli drone strike near military site outside of Khartoum; Sudanese army reportedly strikes “plane or rocket” – later denies action

An Israeli drone

An Israeli drone

Arab media, such as Hezbollahs’s Al-Mayadeed, reported that the Sudanese army downed an Israeli drone over Khartoum Tuesday night and that a military instillation nearby was struck.

Sudanese army officials initially confirmed the reports, stating that “foreign planes” were struck down and “members of the Air Defense Command in Sudan hit targets, with the assumption being that the strike was carried out by a warplane in the area of Wadi Seidna in the city of Omdurman.”

Spokesman for the Sudanese Army, Colonel Al-Sawarmy Khaled Saad, stated that a “moving object that resembles a plane or a rocket” was intercepted by Sudanese Air Defense and that anti-aircraft was fired at “what resembled a “missile or jet”.

There have been many witness reports confirming the hearing explosions close to a military site in Omdurman.

The IDF has not commented on the reports.

In July of 2014 Israeli planes struck an ammunition warehouse in the same area, the weapons proven to have been intended for Hamas. Additionally, there was an explosion in October of 2012 which killed four believed to have been an Israeli airstrike targeting arms transferal for Hamas. And additionally in March 2009, a reported three airstrikes destroyed convoy trucks in the west of Sudan reported to have been passing long-range missiles from Iran to the Gaza Strip.