Security cabinet to vote on legislation for mandatory sentencing of stone throwers | Behold Israel

Security cabinet to vote on legislation for mandatory sentencing of stone throwers

Amidst continued violence and attacks in Old City, cabinet to vote on proposedlegislation; 13 arrests made overnight Wednesday


Prime Minister Netanyahu’s security cabinet will vote on proposed legislation that would permit mandatory sentencing for convicted stone throwers.

The legislation was proposed as part of efforts by Israel’s Justice Ministry for harsher sentencing for crimes such as stone throwing as well as firebomb and Molotov cocktail throwing. The legislation was introduced as an extension of the Terror Act Bill that allows for larger and harsher sentencing for convicted terrorists and terror supporters.

Fines for parents of children who throw stones/firebombs as well as revoking social security benefits are part of the proposal, the cabinet expected to close a vote Thursday.

The prime minister’s office released the statement: The prime minister is determined to have his plan passed in the cabinet and thereafter in quick legislation.

The vote comes during high tension and violence in Old City Jerusalem Quarter, where Palestinians have continued with ongoing violence and attacks against Israeli police and Israelis worshipping at the Temple Mount. Palestinians were caught in the Al-Aqsa Mosque with pipe bombs over Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) and have continued to barricade entrance to the area, throwing stones and firebombs at Israeli security forces.

Israeli police made over 13 arrests on Wednesday night. Detainees were arrested for stone and Molotov cocktail throwing.