Russian Air Force begins to arrive in Syria and begins operating base near Damascus | Behold Israel

Russian Air Force begins to arrive in Syria and begins operating base near Damascus

Russia begins military intervention in Syria; Russian Air Force already in Syria with thousands of personnel reported to arrive in the coming weeks

Russian Mig 31's (Reuters)

Russian Mig 31’s (Reuters)

A Russian expeditionary force has already arrived in Syria ahead of Russian fighter pilots expected to arrive in Syria this week. According to reports, Russia will continue to deploy Russian Air Force fighter jets to fight against rebel forces within Syrian, as well as the threats from the Islamic State to Assad’s regime.

Diplomats have confirmed that several Russian forces have set u in a base close to Damascus and coming weeks thousands of Russian military personal will arrive in Syria. Reportedly, advisors, logistics, technicians, instructors and Air Force protection division, as well as pilots will be among the personnel.

The reports comes just after Iran announced it will receive its purchased Russian advanced S-300 missile system and following reports that Russia and Syria are in talks for sale of MiG-29 fighter jets and Yak-130 trainer jets.

Russian and Iranian diplomats have reportedly been in negotiations on fighting the Islamic State threat on Assad’s Regime. Russia, a strong alley of Assad and his regime, has even been reportedly in talks with Syria on adding an additional naval port on the Syrian Coast for the Russians. Just a few weeks ago Major General Qassem Soleimani of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard visited Russia despite a travel ban. Following his meeting, Russia and Iran finished their arms deal and Russian military personnel are setting up in Syria.