Russia finalizes S-300 missile system deal with Iran

Following 9 years of negotiations and delays due to sanctions on the Islamic Republic, Russia finalizes $800 million arms deal with delivery expected in coming weeks


Russia has signed a final contract with Iran for the delivery of S-300 missile defense system following delays due to sanctions on the Islamic Republic. The arms delay was delayed over nine years due to sanctions mainly enforced by the United Nations and United States.

Head of Russia’s Rostec arms firm, Sergei Chemezov, stated on Monday that, “The deal to supply the S-300 to Iran has not only been signed between the parties but it has already come into force.”

The deal is reported at $800 million with reports that the system will be delivered in the coming weeks.

The final deal comes as Prime Minister Netanyahu is meeting with United States President Obama, the leaders to discuss Russian military presence in Syria as well as Iranian arms and economic funding of terrorist organizations.