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Rocket fired into Israel from Gaza Strip; IDF responds

As Israel ends Independence Day, rocket fired into Israel Thursday night; IDF hits Hamas position in Gaza Strip

A smoke trail is seen as a rocket is launched from the northern Gaza Strip towards Israel

A rocket was fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip on Thursday night as Israel finished its national celebration for Independence Day. The rocket landed in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council, residents of the area alerted by a code red siren.

The IDF responded to the rocket attack by hitting a Hamas position in northern Gaza. The IDF continues to investigate the source of the fire and it is believed Hamas was not responsible for the attack and that the rocket attack was likely an isolated incident.

The head of the regional council, Alon Shuster, stated that,”This is an aberration and its consequences are unclear. There is no panic among the residents, even among those who heard the explosion. This is the reality you deal with when you live in a hotspot which is not handled and occasionally explodes.”

Israel has a ceasefire agreement with Hamas since the end of Operation Protective Edge, the ceasefire negotiated and implemented through Egypt.