Reported Israeli airstrikes near Damascus targeted Scud missiles | Behold Israel

Reported Israeli airstrikes near Damascus targeted Scud missiles

Reports over weekend claim Israeli airstrikes on military posts in Syria; Reports claim prevention by Israel of arms transfer to Hezbollah


Claimed footage of airstrike outside Damascus

Arab media reported Israeli airstrikes over the weekend on a long-range missile cache outside of Damascus.

Initial reports from Al Jazeera claimed that Israeli warplanes bombed military sites connected to both Hezbollah and the Syrian Army, Al Jazeera reporting on Saturday that the strikes were intended for the 65th and 155th Brigades of the Syrian army which specializes in long-range missiles.

Reports later claim that Israeli struck a long-range missile cache, most likely believed to be en route to Hezbollah, Arabia’s Al-Arabiya’s claiming that the source of the target were Syrian Scuds. Reports also claim there was a airstrike on Wednesday on a military site and again on Saturday.

Israel and the IDF have refused to confirm or comment on the reports as usual.

Israel has targeted weapon caches and prevented arms transfers to Hezbollah since halting Syria’s nuclear developments in 2007 during Operation Orchard. While Israel has been clear it will not involved itself in Syria’s civil war, Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly warned that Israel will do all it needs to prevent terror attacks on the State of Israel.