Reported Israeli Air Force strike in Syria Monday evening; Hezbollah denies event

Syrian media reports Israeli strike in Qalamoun region Monday evening

Israeli F-16 fighter jet

Israeli F-16 fighter jet

Syrian media reported an Israeli Air Force strike near the town of Qutayfah in the Qalamoun region on the Syrian-Lebanese border Monday evening. Qalamoun is a Hezbollah stronghold and has been the location of several reported Israeli airstrikes over the past 6 months.


Israel refused to respond confirming or denying the report, consistent with any covert operations. Past Israeli strikes in the region have been to thwart weapons transfers from Syria to Hezbollah.


Hezbollah denied reports of the strike, stating “Israel did not launch attacks against bases of the Syrian army and the Resistance in the region of Qutayfah.”


In December there were three reported Israeli strikes in Syria, one in which Samir Kuntar, who was responsible for murdering the father and daughter of the Haran family 36 years ago, was killed. Hezbollah vowed revenge for the attacks.