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Report: Russia deployed special forces to Egypt near Libyan border

Both Russia and Egypt deny reports from US and Egyptian intelligence and diplomatic sources that claim Russia deployed special forces to Egypt 60 miles from Libyan border



Russia has reportedly deployed special forces to western Egypt near the border with Libya in the past weeks.

Reports surfaced Monday from both United States and Egyptian intelligence and diplomatic sources, Egypt’s Defense Ministry denying the reports, stating on Monday “There is no foreign soldier from any foreign country on Egyptian soil. This is a matter of sovereignty.”

On Monday, Russian Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council’s Committee for International Affairs claimed that there are no Russian special forces in Egypt and that “Certain Western media have been stirring the public with such mud-slinging from anonymous sources for years.”

Reports from Egyptian security claimed that Russian special forces and drones were seen at Sidi Barrani on an airbase some 60 miles from the Egyptian-Libyan border. They reported seeing a Russian special forces unit of 22, as well as Russian drones.

Russia was reported earlier this year to have sent private security contractors to Libya in support of Libyan rebel leader Khalifa Haftar amidst Russia holding meetings with Libyan government officials.

Russia has openly stated that it will help in unifying Libya, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov meeting with head of the United Nations-backed Libyan government Fayez Seraj in March. Following their meeting, Russia’s Foreign Ministry stated “Moscow confirmed its readiness to work closely with all sides in Libya with the aim of seeking mutually acceptable solutions to create the grounds for the stable development of Libya as a united, sovereign and independent state.”

As Amir has taught, Libya and Sudan will eventually  be part of the war that Ezekiel describes…