Report: Obama considering backing Security Council resolution on two-state solution

Wall Street Journal report claims Obama Administration may use Middle East Quartet to press for resumption of peace talks, or even back UN Sec. Council resolution for two-state solution


The Wall Street Journal released a report that President Obama may back a United Nations Security Council Resolution for a two-state solution.


According to the report released Monday, the Obama Administration may press for a negotiated settlement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The report claims that Obama is looking into using the Middle East Quartet to pressure both Israel and the Palestinian Authority into resuming negotiations and also the option of a binding solution from the Security Council.


A Security Council resolution would include restrictions on Israel on building in the West Bank and likely recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state.


The report was released just as United States Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Israel for a two-day visit and a day following the announcement that Prime Minister Netanyahu has cancelled his annual visit to the United States. While unconfirmed, reports claim the Netanyahu canceled his visit after President Obama declined to schedule a meeting with him.