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Report: Kerry met with Palestinian officials to orchestrate UN anti-settlement resolution in December

Additional proof the Obama Administration orchestrated UN resolution released by Egypt; Transcripts of meeting between Kerry, Rice and Palestinian leadership; France claims no agenda in passing additional UN Security Council Resolution

Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Jordan Wednesday (AFP)

United States Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to lay out a framework for the peace process during a speech on Wednesday as the Obama Administration continues its efforts for pushing its agenda, while it can, ahead of a Trump administration.

Kerry will deliver his address from the State Department ahead of the Paris peace conference to be held mid-January. This is intentional as he is expected to gain international endorsement before the conference where foreign ministers will convene to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel has been clear that it will not support nor attend the conference and that the State of Israel will only enter direct negotiations with the Palestinians with no preconditions.

France claims there is no intention of passing a new Security Council resolution following the conference.

Kerry’s speech is part of a known plot by the Obama Administration to increase international pressure as well as legal obligation in resuming the peace process. On Monday, Israeli Ambassador to Israel Ron Dermer confirmed that there is clear evidence that Obama orchestrated the United Nations Security Council vote on an anti-settlement resolution (2234).

Dermer confirmed to CNN in an interview that “We have evidence for that. We will present that evidence to the new administration in the appropriate channels, and then they can decide whether they want to release it to the public. Obama gave the Palestinians exactly what they wanted: He gave them the ammunition for a political, diplomatic and legal war against Israel, by not vetoing.”

Further proof arose of Obama’s efforts when a transcript of a meeting between Kerry and US Security Advisor Susan Rice with Palestinian leadership surfaced in Egyptian media on Tuesday. During the meeting that took place mid-December in Washington, both Rice and Kerry discussed the UN resolution with the Palestinian officials and were vocal of supporting an anti-settlement resolution given the Palestinians support the United States’ proposed framework.

On Wednesday, head Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, who was part of the Kerry-Rice meeting in December, welcomed Kerry’s scheduled speech stating that Kerry will deliver a comprehensive plan to implement Resolution 2234. Erekat additionally claimed that the reports of his meeting with Kerry are “half truths” and that “They were leaked to serve Netanyahu and Lieberman’s wars against the international community who championed international law and considered all of Israel’s, the occupying power, dictates and settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory, including in East Jerusalem, illegal and a gross violation of international law.”

A spokesman for Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to these reports, confirming additional proof that Obama orchestrated the betrayal in the Security Council, stating “We have ironclad information that emanates from sources in the Arab world and that shows the Obama administration helped craft this resolution and pushed hard for its eventual passage.”

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