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Report: Hezbollah in possession of chemical weapons

Former Syrian general reports Assad regime transferred chemical weapons to Hezbollah during inspections in Syria, confirms recent chlorine gas attack; Reports claim Hezbollah and Lebanon declare state of emergency “for fear of Israeli aggression on Lebanon”.



A former Syrian army general reported that Iran has been testing missiles with chemical warheads in Syria and that Hezbollah is in possession of chemical weapons.

Zuhai Al-Sakat, a former Syrian army general who defected years ago, confirmed in an interview in Paris that Hezbollah is hiding chemical weapons it received from Assad’s regime. He confirmed that the weapons were transferred to Lebanon to avoid detection from UN and international inspectors in Syria.

He also confirmed that Iran is not only the main supplier of chemical weapons for the Assad regime, but that the Islamic Republic has been testing short to medium-range missiles with chemical warheads in Syria.

He stated “Iran continues to be a central supplier of chemical weapons for the Syrian regime, alongside independent development of chemical weapons in Syria,” and that there are three centers for testing missiles in Syria. He claimed that “Iranian scientists, technicians and military personnel develop missiles with chemical warheads ranging from 5-35 kilometers for military operations use within Syrian territory, but also for operations across the border.”

Al-Sakot confirmed the regime is carrying out daily attacks using chemical weapons, stating “The Syrian army and the militias supporting it carry out daily attacks on the population, which uses chlorine gas. Only yesterday there was such an attack,” confirming reports that Assad again recently carried out chemical attacks on his people.

He also reported that Syria and North Korea are cooperating on its chemical weapons programs and advances, confirming that before he defected in 2013 he was accompanied by “North Korean advisors” for the Syrian army’s chemical weapons research.

Hours following this report, an Arabic newspaper in London reported that Hezbollah and Lebanon declared a state of emergency “for fear of Israeli aggression on Lebanon”. The report claims that Israel was given approval from the United States military to attack Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The IDF has carried out numerous strikes in Syria preventing chemical weapons and missile transfers to Hezbollah. Prime Minister Netanyahu has been clear of Israel’s red lines. He stated on Tuesday during his address to AIPAC, “Darkness is descending on our region. Iran is building an aggressive empire: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen, more to come. Now Iran is seeking to build permanent military bases in Syria, seeking to create a land bridge from Tartus, from Tehran to Tartus on the Mediterranean. And in addition to moving its army, its air force, its navy to Syria to be able to attack Israel from closer hand, it’s also seeking to develop, to build precision guided missile factories in Syria and Lebanon against Israel. I will not let that happen. We will not let that happen. We must stop Iran. We will stop Iran.”



Photo: Hezbollah weapons, Wikimedia Commons, 2018.